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Wooten Media Collective 

Wooten Media Collective is a company consisting of creatives from various fields of media production. Originally started as Wooten Media Company, we have pivoted to be more inclusive with the people we love working with. 

Our mission statement is that collaboration is a catalyst for creativity and allows for the highest form of production for our clients. In a competitive market, it is counter cultural to collaborate, but we truly believe that it allows for a superior service and product for our clients. Our creatives each have many years of experience in their fields and have industry knowledge and allows us to offer the numerous services we do, while at the same time maintaining a high level of quality and giving our client confidence throughout the process.

Specializing in Film, Photography, Design & Audio Production, we have a wide range of flexibility when it comes to fulfilling the project's needs. Whether it is a multifaceted marketing campaign or just editing an audio file, the Wooten Media Collective works with client to help them satisfy their need(s).